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Prior to purchasing a property, it is important to conduct a home inspection. Below is a list of licensed professionals that come highly recommended by us.

While we are not affiliated with and do not make any representations about their services, this is a list of well known and respected inspection companies in the Nashville area. We are happy to vet these and any additional companies to ensure the right fit for your needs. The choice of which company to hire is entirely at your discretion. 
Magnolia Home Inspections 615-630-8268 trustmagnolia.com
Nashville Home Inspections 615-573-4468  nashvillehomeinspection.com
Diligent Home Inspectors 615-200-8220 getdiligent.com

WHEN will inspections be conducted?

Most inspections happen within 3-7 days of contract acceptance. We can help schedule this for you.

WHAT will be inspected?

Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC Roof, Attic/Crawl Space, General Structure, Appliances.  Additional inspections like Pest/Termite Inspection, Radon, Chimney, Sewer/Septic, and Pool inspections are also common.

HOW MUCH will a home inspection cost me?

Depending on the square footage of the house, the price will vary. A general condo or home inspection will range from $500-$1200, not including the cost of potential additional inspections.

WHY is this an important step in the home buying process?

Inspections are a crucial step in determining if a house you like is going to be a house you love. We are here to walk you through this process step-by-step and discuss important findings and repair needs prior to closing. While sellers do have an option to deny any repairs or simply offer a lump sum instead of fixing issues, rest assured we will always negotiate with your best interest in mind, understanding this is one of your biggest investments.

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