Luxury Homes

Forging a path of success in Nashville’s luxury Real Estate market, The Six1Five Living Team’s proprietary and tailored approach to selling high-end homes and condominiums is unmatched. With the opportunity to represent an exclusive collective of individuals from across the globe comes the responsibility to deliver an experience as unique as the clients themselves.

Our team’s reputation has been built on delivering excellence by collaborating with our extensive network of brokers, providing best in class service, and meeting the needs of our clientele from all angles. Powered and supported by the #1 brokerage in U.S., COMPASS, we are able to tap into a nationwide network backed by the world's most advanced real estate technology and market intelligence - and the results speak for themselves.

The Six1Five Living Team’s proven track record of success and growing reputation is rooted in our relationships, first and foremost. Whether it be with notable Nashville developers, global investors, or our community of local representatives, Martha and her team approach the buying and selling of luxury property with heart, passion, and vital experience.


To really understand the Nashville luxury condo market, which is a notably newer segment of the city’s real estate portfolio, you would have had to live it from the beginning. Martha pioneered the expansion of the now-iconic and famous metropolitan neighborhood of The Gulch by helping building the area’s first residential high-rise development.

Our team continues to focus our efforts on this broadening market, staying up-to-date on the newest and most exclusive condo offerings in Nashville. We can get you advanced access and information on new projects and upcoming developments still in the works. We can help guide your search by determining your unique needs or investment goals, preferred location and specified amenity requirements.

This same nuanced, data-driven approach also gives us the ability to maximize our client's success in selling their luxury condo holdings, despite an ever-changing and complex market. Our team knows the landscape and the players. We know how to deliver the results.

New Construction

The Six1Five Living team has both personally and professionally invested in and helped procure many residential real estate construction projects over the last 20 years, including townhomes, condominiums, luxury single family homes, and historic renovations. We know what it takes to get a project to the finish line, not only successfully, but on time and on budget. We also understand the challenges that come along with any construction project and advise that each be entered into strategically and with ample guidance from one of our reputable recommended builder.

With the intention of setting expectations, our team understands the importance of proper communication, well-documented site visits, and good-standing relationships with local vendors, architects, designers, and contractors. Our team’s strong reputation and past experience with most, if not all, major developers in the Nashville market affords us the unique opportunity to make one-on-one introductions or help you secure a pre-market new construction home with these top builders. In this hyper-competitive market, having an experienced advocate in your corner makes all the difference.

Recommended Builders

Investors & Builders

The Six1Five Living Team puts incredible emphasis on understanding the basic fundamentals of real estate business in order to be successful. Our extensive knowledge of the luxury home development space allows us to be a vital resource and extension of our investor, builder, and developer counterparts.

  • If you are a builder of luxury spec homes: Our approach will support your market research process, land acquisition, product design and development, and sales and marketing. We have a track record of achieving maximum profits and sell-out results for our builders.
  • If you are an investor in new construction, rental homes, short-term rental or commercial properties: Let our insider knowledge and network of on-the-ground resources drive your success.

Our team’s experience with developments, market knowledge, and use of tech-forward data-driven tools, combined with our ongoing relationships with valued Nashville investors, buyers and builders provides unique insight into our market that will help advise on any real estate investment decision.

Development Advisory, Sales & Marketing

Our team shares a deep passion for thoughtful and responsible community development. This passion, fueled by years of experience, an appreciation of architecture and design, and an understanding of digital marketing, finance and contract negotiations, allows us to deliver a modern approach to new development marketing and sales.

We view our role on a developer’s team as a partnership. A chosen trusted advisor and consultant to the project, ensuring that each decision is made intentionally, with the buyer and ultimate success of the project in mind. Proven track records in developing, designing, marketing and the selling of luxury properties allow us to speak from real-world experience and enlightened perspectives. And it doesn’t stop there.

In conjunction with Compass Development Marketing Group (“CDMG”), we offer a creative force of new construction consultants and real estate marketing professionals with a deep expertise in larger, multi-phased mixed use developments and branded residences. With proprietary wealth mapping technology, market specific luxury councils, bespoke property branding, and a network of over 75,000 luxury contacts, the combined resources of The Six1Five Living Team and CDMG delivers superior marketing backed by solid buyer data, positioned to intelligently reinvent the sector and ultimately, maximizing your return on investment.

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